Stacking Guide


When stacking necklaces think about proportions and play with lengths. Look for interesting chains, one with a charm, mix it up with some diamonds and stones. Delicate jewellery is easy to layer, you can also try adding a much bigger piece like a stone or wood necklace for added impact. Never underestimate the power of stacking different length necklaces. It always looks chic and bohemian.


In the Bracelet world everything can be stacked, it is really the more the merrier. You can stack any way you like, fine jewellery with other fine pieces, diamonds mixed with friendship bracelets, 10 stone bangles, the list goes on and on.


Pretty much anything goes when it comes to stacking earrings and ear pieces. You can make the more impactful pieces stand out by choosing simple diamond or other precious or semi precious stone hoops. The ears are an easy place to play with proportions, you can wear a stud and next to it a long hanging chain.


Again with rings stack them any way you like. Before you purchase a ring, think about which finger and where it is likely to spend most of its time. Make plain diamond rings standout by adding coloured stones and rings. Diamonds be they black champagne or white are brilliant neutral basics and can form a great base to showcase other items.


Some jewels are forever pieces that you will wear constantly from the moment you wake to the moment you sleep. These pieces really pick up the vibes of the wearer and over time become part of you. Wear them all of the time and layer larger items on top, even if your larger piece obscures the smaller piece for a day or two of wear, many customers say they feel protected when they wear their special talisman.
Don't forget about textures. Fine jewellery looks just as wonderful with fabric tassels wooden pieces and big crystals as it does with other diamonds.
But above all be true to yourself, if you think it works, go for it. The most attractive people are the ones at ease with themselves.