Evil Eye 

The evil eye is a sacred symbol used for centuries as protection against negative spirits in Mediterannean culture. Its spiritual meaning dates back to ancient Rome and Greece, and today can be seen printed across boats, bags and above doorways to ward off evil, and of course, jewellery. Legend has it that the evil eye works as a shield for envy, reflecting any evil back to where it came from and protecting its owner from any harmful spirits. 


Hand of Hamsa 

Widely recognised in many cultures for its powers to ward off negativity, the hamsa hand’s spiritual currency is rooted in the ancient world. Depicting the open right hand, legend has it that the talisman brings its owner health, luck and happiness. Today the hand of hamsa can be seen printed across boats, bags and the doorways of the Mediterranean, and of course, jewellery.



A symbol of love, affection, loyalty and friendship, the heart’s talismanic powers are well documented and easily understood. Its ubiquitous nature only serves to strengthen its appeal – a deep human yearning to love and be loved in return. When worn as jewellery, its owner is reminded of a special relationship or bond. 



Symbolising guidance and protection, stars have fascinated humans throughout the centuries as a motif of something higher than mortal life. With several named after the gods of the ancient world, the star symbol remains prevalent across various religions, traditions and cultures today for myriad spiritual powers, as well as its mystery and magic. When stars are worn as jewellery, its owner is said to be guided to the light through darkness.   



Exemplifying power and strength, the elephant has been depicted in a plethora of cultures and religions for thousands of years. Its symbolic significance varies, but the motif of the majestic creature is widely recognised to bring luck, fortune and protection.  



The spiritual significance of the crescent moon or ‘luna’ has ancient roots in feminine empowerment, representing the feminine moon goddess, Selene, in Greek mythology, the curves of Diana, the goddess of hunting’s bow in Roman mythology and the female yin to the sun’s male yang in ancient Chinese philosophy. Today, it is also widely recognised as a motif of dreams and new beginnings – a positive energy talisman. Traditionally, jewellery embellished with or formed as crescent moons were given to a loved one on a full moon, when, legend has it, they would always hold the gift giver deep in their hearts.