Tuscany with Olivia

Tuscany with Olivia

Hi I’m Olivia I’m half English half Italian and live in London. I am a plant based mum of twin girls and 2 Springer Spaniels. I am currently studying acting for film at The Met Film school and have just finished a diploma in acting at the London School of Dramatic Art. I love animals and nature whilst loving the hustle and energy of the city.

Tuscany and specifically Il Borro is home to me. My family bought the estate in the early 90s and went through the re-modernisation of it. It is now part of the Relais Chateaux group. I have been going there all the time since the age of 11 years old. I remember I had my first horse there and started playing Polo there for the first time. Its a very special place surrounded by a very scenic and hilly landscape typical of the Tuscan countryside with its gorgeous vineyards that produce the most incredible red and white organic wines. I remember as a child I used to visit the local farmers and play with the baby rabbits and piglets and since then have always had a passion for pigs and there intelligence and vibrant personalities.

Of course I would highly recommend Il Borro as a place to stay. You can either rent an apartment/suite in the medieval village or a villa in the surrounding countryside.
Il Boro
Il Boro

There is a wonderful concept store run by my sister Vivia in the actual hotel as well as an amazing wine cellar to tour which is exceptional. There is also the outlet mall (www.themall.it) with all the high end brands a mere 40 minutes away which is a must if staying at Il Borro. Everyone always finds the most crazy bargains there.

For the ultimate in relaxation there is an incredible spa in a cove under the ground it has its own jacuzzi and steam room and relaxation area that is able to be booked for 2 people. Another incredible experience I cannot recommend enough is a sunset ride out into the country with a champagne picnic whilst on a blanket overlooking the rolling Tuscan hills.

The hotel also has the most incredible restaurant overlooking the medieval village which is very romantic and I have witnessed quite a few proposals on that terrace! As well as a gorgeous infinity pool in the spa area overlooking the medieval village surrounded by luscious greenery.

Don't miss the gallery of wine related art works that is so interesting. Seeing how wine has always accompanied us through the decades and has always been the centre of ones enjoyment in its various forms.
Possibly one of the most interesting things not to miss is an incredible copy of the holy shroud in the small church in the medieval village as well as a live nativity which is so special and hand made by the late village priest. The church is very special to me as my husband and I got married there 10 years ago.

Tuscan Horses
Il Boro
Horse riding

If I was to take one piece of Alemdara with me on my travels it would have to be my three of the beaded base chains that stack, or my custom rope heart ring.