Protection Jewellery: Amulets vs. Talismans.

Protection Jewellery: Amulets vs. Talismans.


If you’re here, reading now, we imagine you might already know a thing or two about protection jewellery, (and we're pleased you found us)! 

Perhaps symbols of luck and protection are already part of your everyday wardrobe, or maybe like us, you never take them off, but what is the difference between an amulet and a talisman? And how do you know what you need? 

What is an Amulet? 

An amulet exists as a form of protection and defence against evil. The perfect example is the Evil Eye; a sacred symbol originating from Mediterranean culture, that has been used for centuries as protection against negative spirits. Legend has it that the evil eye works as a shield for envy, reflecting any evil right back to where it came from, and protecting its owner from harmful spirits. A concept that brings us great peace - a bubble of protection. 

What is a Talisman? 

In contrast, a talisman is believed to give the wearer more power. The Hand of Hamsa symbol for example, which in addition to warding off negativity is thought to bring its owner health, luck and happiness. You can see other examples of talismans on our Legends page

What does talismanic jewellery do?

A talisman is thought to bring positivity and abundance to the person who possesses it, which is why we never take ours off!

Amulet vs talisman?

Well, we are long-time champions of wearing what feels right - seeing what you are most drawn too, and following your intuition. At Alemdara we are never without an Evil Eye - we see this as our base layer, but you’ll often find us adding other symbols. Our new Chance Collection features some of the most-loved talismans and amulets, and brings colour and joy to any outfit. 

How do I find my talisman? 

What we love most about these magical symbols, is that they work together in harmony. There is no one-size-fits-all, and no need to pick only one. You might find during different periods, you find yourself needing support and strength in different areas. Our Legends page should help you decide.