Good Luck Charms for new beginnings

Good Luck Charms for new beginnings

A couple of times each year, we get the chance to reset. Of course, it’s lovely to think of each day, week and month as a new beginning. An opportunity to show up and embrace whatever the day brings, but sometimes the less regular moments feel more significant.
The first, January 1st – the new year, and the second September – the new school year. Many of our childhoods taught us this was a time of change; new teachers, new classrooms, new friends, new uniforms and new ambitions. If you’re anything like us, a new stationery collection was a happy rite of passage, but what about those other objects, outfits and amulets that were a gentle reminder that ‘you’ve got this’.
Back to school isn’t just for school kids. Be sure to head back to school, work or post-summer errands with a positive energy and a strong spirit.
We recently had the privilege of designing and making a piece of protection jewellery with a mother for her child, to give them strength during a hard time at school. Throughout September we will be donating 25% of profits from the Golden Eye Pendant to Kidscape, a wonderful charity supporting victims of bullying, their families, and school communities.  

An amulet for Protection:


    Esra Chain - Using its powers to reflect negative glares exactly back to where they came from.


 An amulet for new beginnings
  • Ay PendantThe crescent moon is a symbol linked to new beginnings.


An amulet for Clarity:
  • Golden Eye PendantTurquoise is the colour of calmness and clarity. Evil Eyes are most commonly found in this colour or Navy.


An amulet for Manifestation:
  • Altan NecklaceFacing down, the Hand of Hamsa is thought to bring answers to prayers and manifestations.


An amulet for Joy:

  • Didem Bracelet in orange - The colour orange symbolises optimism and creativity.


An amulet for friendship:


An amulet for a little of everything:
  • Our Chance collection features six of the best-loved lucky charms.