Evil Eye: The Lowdown

Evil Eye: The Lowdown

What is the meaning of Evil Eye Jewellery? 

The legend of the Evil Eye is widely followed by many cultures around the world. Often seen in Mediterranean countries, where it is believed that when someone envies you they might give you an ‘evil glare’. The purpose of the Evil Eye is to reflect that negativity giving its owner protection from evil.


What can the Evil Eye do for me? 

The evil eye aims to ward off evil intentions from others. Considered a protection symbol, with particular powers to protect against bad luck. Often, an evil eye is often placed around houses, boats, or worn on the body as jewellery. 


Does it matter how I wear my Evil Eye Jewellery?

There are many ways to benefit from the protection powers of the Evil Eye, but one of the most popular is to wear it as jewellery. Regularly worn as  bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings - by wearing this magical symbol, you are ensuring round the clock protection wherever you may be. 


Does the Evil Eye have to be blue? 

In short, no. Most commonly we see this amulet in blue, but the power is in the eye. The colour does however hold magic of its own, so you can pick a tone that most supports your needs and wishes. Our Didem Bracelet is available in all six of the tones below. 
Turquoise: The colour of calmness and clarity. A colour of wisdom, turquoise is believed to symbolise balance, and a cool, calming sense of peace. 

Navy Blue : Navy blue is a grounding tone, related to devotion and helping others. It holds deep wisdom, intelligence and spiritual awareness.

Green: The colour of harmony and health - green is a revitalising colour, which balances our emotions and leaves us feeling safe and secure. 

Pink: Pink is all about unconditional love, caring, and compassion. A feminine and playful colour, with a friendly, calming energy. 

Orange: One of the happiest colours, orange exudes warmth and joy and symbolises optimism and creativity. 

Red: A passionate colour symbolising love and energy, this highly charged colour is about strength, action and desire. 

Our Evil Eye collection features eyes in many colours - pick the colour most relevant for your desires. 

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